Holidays a headache to comrades . With the holidays comes another headache a side hustle that seems to be taking root among …


The crying stone cries no more

As I take a walk through the scenic environment towered by huge eucalyptus trees enjoying the cool breeze,I appreciate nature at its finest.However,the crying stone cries no more.’ikhongo murwi’ remains but another saying in luhya’,Though magnificient, eucalyptus is slowly but surely drying up the scenic stone but how…many might wonder.In brief the tip of the stone is set as a bowl hence it catches rain water ,evapouration though present occurs minutely as the bowl has a ‘lid’ when full,water drips down the stone bringing about the myth of a stone that cries.How does eucalyptus come in?The tree absorbs water so fast and so deep and so high.What am I saying?Trees are good yes but that kind of tree is detrimental to the stone that cries,don’t you agree?


Young African Leadership initiative a program started by former US president Barrack Obama to help develop leadership skills was recently launched in Busia county that is late April

The innitiatives main agenda is to empower the youth to be a people that can stand on their own.As the youth,here in Kenya today we carry the bulk of the population.Basically we are the change that we require.We are a revolutionary people with a strong voice when we speak in harmony.


As bitter as this may sound

Life is so precious but nobody cares

Everyone goes about their wares

Unthinking of the untold woes

Of the voiceless in their glare

I know for a fact

Whatever you don’t know 

Cannot hurt you

What of the penalty of ignorance

Brothers mourning before us

But we,enconsesed in glamour

Embrace a sparkling world

Till we get to experience the pain

But by then

Its too late 

I also know

That what I know I can control



A natural instinct


Never lacking



Available in plenty

An upright posture

And you have it


Is like energy
As the river flows

So does the youthful drive

Full of splendor and valour

Oozing virality

The gift of life is splendid

For items squandered

No pun intended

All in good grace

Even in a snooze

Or overdose of booze


His grin devilish

His smile lopsided

With a puppy dog look

An impression

Of a puppet

His words

A slicing knife

Burrowing deeper into the marrow

He resembles a faucet

Representation of ire

Spreading irk

All summed up in one

Making one swell

Like an irate cat


Life is like water

So still and unruffled

Then waves rock

Keen on making one sink

They roar and slap

A slight tug here

A pull there

Till you let go
Life is like the wind

Cool and calming

At times,

Violent and cold

Mourning and keening

Like unsettled ghosts


Ooh my

The head spins

Eyes mist

Covered in moist

Hands tremour

Covered in film.

Teeth chatter

Toungue darts in and out

Why the restlessness
The world is upside down

Everything twisting and turning

Even turns of fate

Choose to veer off

Meaning is lost

The best way to live

Upside down

Inside out


I feel my heart
Has been painfully wrenched
Breath catches in my throat
As I gasp in horror
At what I had done
I felt my friends hurt
Soo deep and shattering
Like a bullet wound,
In your eyes I see the hurt
Though you think you hid it well
I feel bitter I caused it
Though through no fault of mine
Never would this have happened
Were it not for natures course
Know this,
You’re not the only one hurt
I feel bad it had to happen
Every instant of my life
I wonder,why it came to this.

Aseri…am grateful I got an opportunity to know you.Godsend is how I can describe you now.Thank you for always being there for me and having my back.