Life is like water

So still and unruffled

Then waves rock

Keen on making one sink

They roar and slap

A slight tug here

A pull there

Till you let go
Life is like the wind

Cool and calming

At times,

Violent and cold

Mourning and keening

Like unsettled ghosts



Ooh my

The head spins

Eyes mist

Covered in moist

Hands tremour

Covered in film.

Teeth chatter

Toungue darts in and out

Why the restlessness
The world is upside down

Everything twisting and turning

Even turns of fate

Choose to veer off

Meaning is lost

The best way to live

Upside down

Inside out


I feel my heart
Has been painfully wrenched
Breath catches in my throat
As I gasp in horror
At what I had done
I felt my friends hurt
Soo deep and shattering
Like a bullet wound
In your eyes I see the hurt
Soo deep and shattering
Like a bullet wound
In your eyes I see the hurt
Though you think you hid it well
I feel bitter I caused it
Though through no fault of mine
Never would this have happened
Were it not for natures course
Know this,
You’re not the only one hurt
I feel bad it had to happen
Every instant of my life
I wonder,why it came to this.


The hurt I feel

Is unexplained

Though it burns deep into the marrow

Making my brows furrow

Keeping me close yet distant

I smile to cover the hurt

Though it claws from inside

I talk to keep the act up

Thinking it’ll go away

I hurt my friends in the process

To keep the anger reigned

I feel I am losing the struggle

At some point

I have to let go


The soul
Is an angel
The only consolation
To a broken heart
With no consideration
To the only part
The trouble shooter

The porter
As is the great hand
That brought confirmation
On any act
Done with the exertation
Accorded respect
To any accolades
In the vicinity

That unity
Has vastly crumbled
Due to agony
Any contradiction
Making one loose vanity
And sense of direction
In all the confusion
Comes the tragedy


My mom

Is one of a kind

Rises up to the occasion

Never taking a vacation

To see her little procession

Not lugging in the hind

She adores us

We children never let her down

Ever beginning at dawn

Struggling not to let us drown

In the deep sea of humanity

Where strength is lacked in unity

We have to let her go

To let the river flow

In the many counties across

For it to reach the ocean

Where a great people await

With joy abound 


My forehead

    Wrinkled and grizzly like an old woman’s

    All misfortune and worry lines

    Trouble besought me

    Will I ever laugh

My eyes

    Tired are they from the strenuous work undertaken

    Sore and itchy they become

    Lack of sleep is to blame

    Teary and bleary

My mouth

    A thin narrow line it has become

    A smile not forthcoming

    Surely,frowning does more harm than good

    Shall my days end


No joy

In the precious gift of life

Bitter tears

Are the pills of the

Everyday dosage

Of that painfull sickness

Oh life

What should I do

And I can’t take it away?
No rewards accorded

The pain

Of this tearful undertaking

Is unbearable

Who will I run to

Never have I been so alone

Is this gift so merciless

The burden of living

No better than a beast
The demands

So unfair


Did the living go wrong?

But where

Though joyful

Its a terrible gift
Sob after agonizing sob

Rack my little frame

Choke followed by choke

My throat constricts painfully

Shall I always undergo this

The other two rewarding

But the guilt

Never ending
Everyday we take those pills

Like sleeping pills

They are deadly

Never ending

Bitterness overwhelms me

I feel angered

Blinding fury

Should I surrender

To my hands quiver?

Shall I overcome?